Top 5 Sales Tools Needed in 2021

Regardless of whichever department one may be in, the team’s ability to perform up to their maximum potential is only as good as having the right tools to properly deploy their skills. With new trends to watch for in 2021 as remote working persists, it’s crucial to be aware of key sales tools to have in 2021 (or even later!). Let’s take a look!

Remote Communication Tool

Organizations have increasingly relied upon connectivity as employees worked remotely. With businesses and digital outlets also facing an unprecedented demand for products and services, individuals are spreading out across different locations. A need to carry out group calls and conferences without the hassles of conventional methods therefore arises.

Bearing this in mind , MultiCall is a calling app that allows group collaboration remotely. The main edge that this next-gen conferencing app offers for businesses is the ability to make simultaneous group calls at just a click of a button, with superior sound quality, the ability to schedule calls ahead of time. All this is at minimal use of data since it does not require the participants to have the app.

Customer Relationship Management Tool

When encountering the phrase ‘Relationship’, one would think of a means or state by which a connection is established; a manner in which two or more people interact and behave with one another. Thinking of the word ‘Marketing’, we would be thinking, as up and coming entrepreneurs, of the exchange relationship that takes place, and the aspect of studying and managing it.


Customer Relationship Management refers to the degree of with which this exchange relationship can be managed, with an efficient and effective integration of strategy and technology in its course. It therefore is absolutely necessary in order to keep track of everything involving sales in the company.


From incoming leads to secured deals, CRM is essential to stay on top of everything. It essentially stands as a central repository of business information. Thus, a CRM tool to let you stay organized and store all your contact information in one location is necessary.

Data Survey and Collection Tool

There’s a term in Japanese called ‘Kaizen’; referring to continuous improvement of processes, operations and even the products or services themselves. Regardless of what you sell, competition is intense, one needs to always remain a step ahead in order to boost sales.  The best way to continuously improve would be constant feedback and review.

Bearing this in mind, a tool to conduct surveys and collect feedback would prove most useful. One such example is SurveyMonkey, which helps take data driven decisions for conducting market research, with its own analytics and poll system in order to help ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Networking Tool

As with every other department in business, access to an app in professional networking is critical to sales as well. Naturally, LinkedIn is the go-to platform to commence such networking, specially with regard to expanding one’s network in order to seek new business opportunities, and establish  brand trust and confidence.

Besides this, however, there are more sales specific tools in order to reach out to the sales prospect with the necessary pitch. One such tool that is available as a desktop extension is GetProspect, which helps acquire contact information of anyone on LinkedIn and even consolidate all the information at a single location. These profiles may be extracted into lists filtered to elements such as name, company, position and so on.

Lead Generation Tool

Statistics suggested that more than 40% of salespeople had found lead searches to be the most challenging part of the sales process. Companies can only stand to sustain their business if they provide the products and services that address the wants and needs of their customers. The first step towards this is to identify leads, which would allow you to make connections with potential customers.

Here’s the good news though; there are tools for this too; like Lusha, for example. This desktop extension is utilized by leading sales teams across the globe, for locating accurate B2B contact and company details. In the process, they are able to shorten their sales discovery, and close new deals.

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”  – Steve Jobs


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