Instant Calls

Call people instantaneously with no set-up time and no waiting. Start calls without needing to share or enter PINs

Simple Dialling

Add people from your phone's contacts or simply key in the phone number

Persistent Login

Sign up just once. Avoid the hassle to login each time you open the app

Call Anyone

Call anyone you want to. They don't need to have the app or be connected to the internet. You can even call landlines using MultiCallTM


Schedule calls ahead of time with notifications and updates sent to all participants

Sound Quality

Great voice quality perfected by India's largest audio conferencing provider


Create and save groups of people whom you call regularly


Receive a call on any phone number - especially useful while travelling if you want to avoid roaming charges on your primary phone


Create different profiles to track usage and expenses separately

Call Monitoring and Control

See who connected and who left; mute, disconnect or redial participants; add a participant to an ongoing call

Dial Back

Any user who gets dropped can join the call again by simply dialling the number (no PINs)

One-touch Dialling

Make a group a "Favourite" and call all members with a single touch

Simultaneous group calling

Call the whole team like you call
one person. Get dialed into a
conference call with a phone line.

Scheduled calls

Schedule your calls ahead of time.
Pick your favorites and monitor your
participants. Lead your conference
anytime, anywhere.

Superior sound quality

Your words are important to us.
With MultiCallTM you will have no
trouble with dropped calls or static.
Hear every word, every time.

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