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App Installation and Registration
What is my account ID and password?

Your MultiCallR account is linked to the email ID and phone number that you entered at sign-up (the first time you used the app). The app will always be logged into your account on your phone. There are no troublesome passwords or IDs you need to remember.

I want to install MultiCall on my new device. How do I link it to my old account?

Download the app onto your new phone. On the registration screen, simply enter your registered phone number and email ID of your MultiCallR account. You will have to validate your details (via OTPs) and then you will be logged into your MultiCallR account, with all your profile information and groups. Please note that you need access to your registered phone number and email ID to validate your account.

Can I use MultiCall on multiple devices?

You can only use MultiCallR on one active device. When you register/verify your information on a new phone, the MultiCallR account in your old phone will automatically get deactivated. You could switch between devices by verifying each time but after some time, you may be blocked from re-verifying your MultiCallR account

I am changing my registered phone number. Will this affect my MultiCall account?

If you are changing your registered phone number, please write to us at help for a call-back or call us at 044 2370 2233.

Corporate customers
My company has subscribed to MultiCall. How can I use it?

You will need a corporate MultiCallR PIN that can be generated by your company’s administrative head. You will then need to add a profile using this PIN and your corporate mail ID and phone number. For more information, contact your administrative head or write to us at specifying your company details and your contact details.

How much does one call cost? How can I pay for a call?

MultiCall is currently available exclusively to the corporate customers of Door Sabha Nigam Limited. Calls made through MultiCallR will be charged as per the corporate subscription plan.

Can MultiCall access my company’s corporate directory?

MultiCallR can only access contacts stores in your phone’s address book. To get access to corporate contacts in your MultiCallR app, you need to add them to your phone’s address book first.

Can I use MultiCall to reach people not in my company?

Yes, you can use MultiCallR to reach anyone in your phone book. Your invitees need not have the MultiCallR app or a MultiCallR account to receive calls from you.

How do I create a group?

Go to the groups tab and click on the “+” button. Add a group name and the list of members you would like to call. You can now start making calls to this group. If you need further assistance, check out the groups tutorial in the help screen.

How many people can I add to a group?

You can add up to 9 members to a group.

Why should I link a profile with a group?

Linking a group with a specific profile means that all calls made to that group will automatically be charged to the linked profile. By linking it, you can also make the group a favourite and enable one-touch calling from the “Favourites” tab.

Individual customers
How can I get an individual MultiCall account?

Unfortunately, MultiCallR is currently available exclusively to the corporate customers of Door Sabha Nigam Limited only. If you would like to use MultiCallR for your personal group calls, please write to us at

Making calls on the app
How do I start calling people?

Calling people is extremely easy with MultiCall. You just create/ add a profile (for billing purposes) go to the “MultiCalls” tab and press “Call Now”

What are profiles? How can I create one?

Profiles are basically linked to the way you pay for each call. Each profile can also be linked to different email IDs/ phone numbers (your work email or your personal email, for example). This makes it easy for you to track the calls you make for different purposes separately. You can add a profile to your account if your company has a MultiCallR subscription. Please write to your company administrator or contact us at if you would like more information

How many people can I call at one time?

You can call up to 9 different numbers (so, a total of 10 participants) on a single call

Do I need to be connected to the internet to make/ receive a call?

You will need a basic internet connection to set up a MultiCallR. However, to actually start/ be on the call, you don’t need to be connected. So, if you anticipate having to make a MultiCallR when you don’t have mobile data, just schedule one ahead of time (and make sure you set the call to “Auto-Initiate”). At the specified time, your participants and you will receive a call

Why do my invitees not receive a call from my number? / Which number will my invitees receive a call from?

MultiCallR uses a server to call everyone you have invited instantly so there is no time wasted and everyone is connected at the same time. This means that your invitees will receive a call from the server’s number, and not from your phone. For an exhaustive list of all possible call numbers, please see: xxxxxxxxxxxx

I pressed “Call” for an instant call but I can’t hear anything on my phone. Why?

When you start an Instant Call, the MultiCallR server calls you and all your invitees at the same time. You will receive a call from our server a few seconds after you press “Call”. If you do not receive a call after 2 minutes, please check your connectivity and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us at

Report Abuse
Types of abuse

1. Unsolicited commercial Calls (UCC) from MultiCall numbers

2. Receiving harassment calls

3. Types of harassment

  • 3.1 Abusive language
  • 3.2 Threats
  • 3.3 Unwanted conversation

How to report abuse?

Send an email to "" with

i) Phone Number on which you received the call

ii) Date of call & time of call

Other features
What is a “Call-Me-On” number? How do I change my “Call-Me-On” number?

When you set up a call, the MultiCallR server will dial you and all your invitees. Your Call-Me-On number is how the server reaches you. Your default Call-Me-On is your registered phone number, and you can change this at any time in your MultiCallR setting. Call-Me-Ons do not require any verification so you can make any number your Call-Me-On based on your convenience (your office desk number or even the number of your hotel room when you’re on the road).

Can I link my MultiCall account to multiple email IDs/ phone numbers? How?

Yes, you can link different email IDs or phone numbers to a single MultiCallR account. Simply add an email ID (or phone number) under your account settings in the MultiCallR app. You will need to verify the new email ID once to link it to your account.

Can I add someone to an ongoing MultiCall?

Yes, you can add a participant to an ongoing MultiCallR that you initiated. During an active call, click on the “Active Call” row in your app. You will see all the participants in your current call. Simply tap on the add contacts button and select the person you want to add. A call will go out immediately and he/she will be added to you call.

Simultaneous group calling

Call the whole team like you call one person. Get dialed into a conference call with a phone line.

Scheduled calls

Schedule your calls ahead of time. Pick your favorites and monitor your participants. Lead your conference anytime, anywhere.

Superior sound quality

Your words are important to us. With MultiCallR you will have no trouble with dropped calls or static. Hear every word, every time.

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