MultiCall for Business: A Tour

Once you login to your account using your domain email id, it takes you to the dashboard.


The dashboard is your information tool to check all details regarding your profile; with your essential details such as Company, Name, E-mail ID, Mobile Number and City displayed. Should you find an error in any of them, you can click on the ‘Modify’ icon, and will land on the page as below upon doing so

Change Password

You can also modify your account password as and when needed.

Change your passwords regularly, and do not reuse them!

Call Monitoring is an integral feature of MultiCall; all your MultiCalls are registered in the Call History section, where you can monitor completed calls, the duration, the number of participants, and the call cost involved. This is especially useful for businesses such as SMEs needing 100% control over spending, and therein need to scrutinize their usage.



With both prepaid and post-paid services offered for your consideration, it’ll be necessary to know what plan the company is currently using and its validity in order to ensure smooth operations. It also provides you the information on your existing funds…separated into company balance and the balance available to users.


Both funds and users are resources, and resources require proper allocation in order to be efficient and effective. Considering this, the ‘Manage Users’ button lets you add users, identifying them by Name, Email ID and Mobile Number, and also to mark whether the user is authorized to execute international MultiCalls.


Besides the functions of Managing Users and Balance mentioned previously, the Users tab also allows you to view account usage history as well to maintain track of both the balance and the amount actually used.


The payments tab essentially is comprised of the following sub-sections:


Payment History

Plan My Plan


Contact Form