5 Benefits of International Group Calling

With globalization and technology evolving with time, the world pushes further toward becoming smaller and more interconnected. A multitude of efficient communication solutions for remote working amid CoViD-19, have further catalysed this. The lack of travel for the same reason also has necessitated a far greater degree of international group calls. As a result, it has yielded the following benefits:

Flexible Scheduling and Reachability

It comes as no surprise in this day and age that nearly everyone has a phone almost always on their person at all times. This means that they can call in while on the go if need be. Even without a computer, mobile devices suffice toward supporting connection to a group call, no matter where and when the call is hosted.

One such tool that can host such calls under a mobile device is MultiCall, which lets you call many with the ease of calling one, even internationally.  While the participants are located in different time zones, a group call can be set and scheduled for any time of the day. As seen in practices of effective conferencing, preparations ahead of time allow for more convenience, both for your business and for all the participants involved.

Reduces  Eliminates Need for Travel

Present cautions under CoViD-19 highly discourage travel as much as possible in everyone’s health interest. This is no problem for businesses, as international team members can maintain contact, both among themselves and with clients without having to travel from one country to another.

In the process, businesses benefit by substantial reduction of corporate travel expenses. You can interact with your contacts in a group environment without having to leave the country. The time taken to travel, settle and deal with difficulties such as jetlag are also saved.

Rather than spend a sizeable amount of valuable business hours waiting in airports, on international flights, or in hotel rooms, you simply can pick up the phone, hold your group call, and instantly deal with your core challenges and opportunities ahead. You can use MultiCall to dial even a landline. If travel is still required, you can even adjust your call-me-on number for when your SIM card is changed.

Reduces / Eliminates Costs:

Needless to say, the elimination of international travel means the reduction or elimination of costs as well. You would find that the economic appeal of international conferencing is high. Besides cutting travel expenses of all involved, the need of a physical location is eliminated as well.

Meeting room space to accommodate participants will not be required. Everyone can simply dials into the international group call from the comfort of their own offices, homes, or any other location of their liking. Even if a participant is disconnected out of a MultiCall, he/she need only dial back to the number to reconnect.

Here’s the best part though, MultiCall allows 4-party calls for absolutely free! Calling more individuals is possible at competitive pricing plans. MultiCall also has a business variant tailored to meet corporate needs, with a tariff calculator at disposal to set recharges at discretion.

Call Recording and Follow-Up

Taking notes is critical to effective group calling, but participants need not be distracted doing so, especially if they can’t always catch up with what’s being said. All they need do is to record the call, listen to it later, and replay to ensure that all details have been accounted for.

Calls can be documented for future reference or to share with people who couldn’t attend at the time. With MultiCall’s Call Monitoring feature, you can record your international conference call in just the click of a button. You can access the file via a shared link to the servers, or arrange to have the MP3 file format sent.

This can be used to review the conference later, or better yet,  share it with colleagues who were unable to attend the call at its scheduled time for any given reason.

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