5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs MultiCall

Communication plays a vital role in all business models. This is one fact that tells you why you need something like MultiCall for your business. But there is more.

It is important for any business to ensure effective communication practices, whether it is internal or external.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just set up a business or a manager handling a team in a big corporate, you get to deal with teams. It calls for using an efficient communication tool that helps you connect faster and easier.

One of the key requirements of business communication is the facility to call more than one and still be effective in getting the message across clearly. Traditionally, there have been few ways to perform this, but MultiCall promises the simplest way to call many.

This takes us to the five reasons why your business needs MultiCall.

Ease of communication:

Conferences are part of any business. Be it a team meeting or a meeting with clients, you have more than 2 people needing to interact. While business conferencing is used in many companies to do this, it comes with its own limitations. One needs to remember PINs to enter conferences. Also, one needs to assemble people. This denies people the facility to call many on the move, in one go. A more hassle-free way to do this would make life easy for every business associate.

This is where MultiCall – the next gen conference app, comes in handy. It does what no other group calling app can do. And more than what business conferencing or other traditional one-to-many calling options can do. It lets you call your entire team in one go. And there is no hassle of entering PINs. It is an instant solution for calling many.

The participants of the call do not need to be connected with data or even have the app installed. MultiCall requires data only to initiate the call. This is helpful while you want to be part of a group conversation while on the move.

Always capitalize on tools that help make communication within your team or with your clients easy, since it is a crucial aspect of smooth business operation.


28 percent reported poor communication as the primary cause of failing to deliver a project within its original time frame, according to a survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Work flows well when teams can connect and communicate with each other and as a group, at will. Be it sharing an update in the process or discussing a newly raised bug, when the team can get together on a simple call, work indeed flows well. And that does impact productivity.

The performance of a team is usually attributed to how well the team is managed. MultiCall acts as a great tool for managers to communicate with their team – be it on work allocation or instill motivation or any other team need. It makes management communication simpler and faster as a manager can connect with his team from anywhere, in a click.

It thus becomes a must-have in a manager’s kit.

Unless you want to take chance against the fact that productivity improves by 25% in organizations with connected employees, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to give your team and business, MultiCall – free to download and use.

International Roaming:

Your business might require you to travel abroad. For some, it’s a frequent need. For others, it may never be a business need but when you do go for a trip, you want to still be connected with your team back home. While you travel abroad and stay there for a short period, you look for options to tackle the international roaming charges. You look for something that lets you speak without worrying about the bills and also have a good clarity in sound. What if you could do all of that and also speak to many in one go?

This is where MultiCall Roam is so useful as it lets you roam international and call many at the charges of a local call.

MultiCall for Business comes with the facility of international calling which can be enabled for the users, by the admin of a business account. This would mean that the charges will be applied based on the international tariff plan. There is also an international rate cutter which allows people to make international calls at reduced rates.

While travelling abroad though, a customer can buy a local sim and receive the MultiCall on that number using the Call-me-on option while calling people back home. This would mean a huge saving in the call cost as one can avoid roaming charges.

Having this flexibility in international calling and roaming makes MultiCall a smart choice for any business.


A conference app that is easy and effective to use becomes more necessary when it comes with more interesting features. Like the bunch of features MultiCall comes with.

The following are some of the key features of MultiCall.

One click calling – Lets you call your entire team in one go.

Call monitoring – Gives you complete control over the call. Lets you mute/unmute participants. Helps avoid disturbance due to noise on call.

Superior voice clarity – MultiCall technology being indigenously developed and the app requiring data only for initiation of call, offers superior voice clarity unlike any other app.

Call scheduling – You can schedule calls ahead and get notifications sent to all participants.

Easy Dial Back – Any user who gets dropped can rejoin the call by simply dialing back the same number.

Call-me-on – This feature lets you receive your MultiCall on any assigned number. Useful while traveling to avoid roaming charges or when you have multiple participants at your end.

Cost effective:

MultiCall is free to experience. You can make 4 party calls using MultiCall free of charge. This is great for people who want to try out the app before signing up for a business account where one can call up to 15 people in one go.

MultiCall for Business offers a great solution for companies who want their employees to stay connected.

As the admin creates an account using domain email id, an immediate credit of Rs.250 is added to the account. This gives the opportunity to experience MultiCall for Business.

With a flexible tariff plan and a prepaid recharge system, MultiCall for business offers full value for the money, and is highly cost effective considering the impact it can have on productivity.

Download MultiCall here for android and here for iOS to enjoy unlimited 4 party calls free for a limited period.

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