Types of One to Many Voice Calling Solution

As you may know, Voice Calling essentially comes down to the conduct of an audio call between two individuals, by means of devices that allow sounds for sending and receiving, with the aim of communication and collaboration. When more parties are involved, this effectively becomes a voice conference call (or audio conference). Different needs of communication and collaboration brings into question the different types of One to Many voice calling Solutions one can use. On that note, 4 types of One to Many Voice Calling solutions to evaluate.

Business Conferencing

The core idea of business conferencing is simple; with its common use being for meetings to discuss the various operations and developments of a business. Using various forms such as smartphones, landline, or expandable conference phones, there are essentially two categories of Business Conferences. The first is a Dial-in conference. You accomplish this in just three steps; dial the access number, enter the assigned PIN number, and then join the conference, with everyone in the call able to speak and listen.

Dial-out conferences are somewhat different. You must send a list of participants which have to be dialed to a customer care line. After receiving the confirmation email, you will have to distribute information regarding the date and time of the call to everyone participating, and then participant in it on schedule.

Besides the benefit of networking opportunities, teleconferencing allows for greater presence at work at reduced expense. Yet the costs to these benefits are nearly as proportional. Not only do you need to remember PINs to enter conferences, you also need to assemble people. Imagine how difficult this is when you are on the move. You will also need a moderator to chair the conference.

VoIP Calls

With applications to Internet and mobile communications at present, Voice over Internet Protocol technology has proved to be a major influence on Teleconferencing. Its operation method centers on a group of technologies delivering of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. This means it is most useful if your conferencing equipment is inadequate, and if you are constantly on the move.

The applications for VoIP generally are compatible to smartphones making portability easy. Bearing this in mind, benefits offered by VoIP are scalability, lower costs, and many features not commonly found in traditional phone-calling, such as multi-party calling, call waiting, and call blocking. The main con under this, however, would be the quality of service; susceptible to issues such as delays, echo, and jitter. Considering the business conferencing context, Security also may prove to be an issue as VoIP apps like any Internet-based device, are vulnerable to attacks.

Chain Calling

Under this solution for one-to-many voice calling, the idea is that you as the first caller would contact two people, who would then contact two people themselves. And this pattern goes on, until everyone on the telephone “chain” had been reached out to. The best usage scenario usually would be unplanned Event Management. If you are wondering “Why this scenario?” at this point, imagine what would likely be happening to networks during disasters and their recovery.

You would need to improvise a network for business continuity. The benefits offered under said way of calling would be human interaction, the ability to relay important information, and the creation of a comprehensive list of employee contact information. Of course, this too, would have some costs. Without automation in the process, you will need to manually ask people to contact each other to spread information. And let us not forget having to keep all your information in one place. Consistency also may be an issue for you as you cannot rest assured that everyone got the same message.


Keeping all the above in mind, what if we told you that the solution we offered kept all the benefits and resolved the disadvantages as well? Yes, MultiCall can help you reach more. A next gen-conferencing app; it is dedicated in the world of communication to make calling many people simultaneously faster and easier than ever. You can chat in all scenarios of your want or need; be it a call with your friends, conversations with your family, or a meeting with your colleagues, MultiCall is your easiest and most effective calling solution.

An instant solution for calling many, you can ease away from the hassles of business conferencing with MultiCall’s ease of communication; It lets you call your entire team in one go without the hassle of entering PINs, or having to await a moderator. And here’s the best part; unlike the case of VoIP apps which require both sender and receiver of calls to be on the app, the participants of the call do not need to be connected with data or even have the app installed.

It maintains the benefit of portability, in that the app only requires your smartphone to be run. MultiCall also requires data only to initiate the call and proves to be just as useful as VoIP when you want to be part of a group conversation while on the move. MultiCall also sports a multitude of features, including:

One click calling – where you can call your entire team in one go.

Call monitoring and scheduling – Not only do you have complete control over the call, you can also maintain the benefit of business conferencing in scheduling calls ahead and get notifications sent to all participants. The app also lets you mute/unmute participants. This is useful in being able to relay messages while avoiding disturbance due to noise or disruption.

Easy Dial Back – Even in the event that you get disconnected, dialling the same number again is all that is needed to re-join the call.

Call-me-on – This feature lets you receive your MultiCall on any assigned number. Useful while traveling to avoid roaming charges or when you have multiple participants at your end.

Besides free 4-party calling, MultiCall’s business variant also ensures high cost effectivity, considering the impact it can have on productivity. This is done with the promise of superior audio quality under a flexible tariff plan, and a prepaid recharge system. So, download MultiCall here for android and here for iOS to enjoy unlimited 4 party calls free for a limited period.

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