Secrets of Great Teamwork

The situation today is a different from that of the past. The teams in today’s businesses are no different. It’s far more diverse. It’s more dynamic. It’s digitized. And under the current situation of COVID-19, it’s more distanced yet more connected. The obstacles faced in the present age are different. But the success towards great teamwork and collaboration largely remains the same. It thrives based on certain conditions. After all, it centers on human nature.

Compelling Direction

In businesses, the mission and vision lend a direction towards their purpose of being. This same compelling direction equally applies for teamwork, as it is key to keeping the team’s members oriented and engaged. If teams don’t know what goals they are working towards, or the objectives for guiding them, they cannot be inspired.

These goals need to be challenging but not difficult to the point where the team becomes disconcerted to even try altogether. The goals also need to reap rewards. It’s an economic principle that people respond to incentives, and so people must care about achieving the outcomes that are set with a goal. This can either be extrinsic (recognition, pay, promotions) or intrinsic (instilled sense of meaning and/or satisfaction.)

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A Strong Structure

Like cement and bricks to a wall, teams need the right mix and number of members to address the deliverables and processes they’re tasked with, to create a strong team structure. They also need to establish norms deterring destructive behavior. The best performing teams are those that include members carrying a balance of skills. This ultimately can help teams to be more creative and avoid going with decisions by consensus only.

The best method to organize teams in such a manner would be to have a dedicated communication tool for the same. 

MultiCall also assists in setting the relevant teams into groups and with Call Scheduling not just in setting the date and time with the necessary team members, but in its ability to set the meeting to recur and auto-initiate the call as well.

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