Organized Group Calls: How to Create and Save Groups on MultiCall

Efficient communication is more than just clear dialogue; it’s also about the ease with which we initiate and manage our conversations. MultiCall, an innovative leader in telecommunication, understands this necessity, especially in the context of group calls. The platform’s feature allowing users to create and save groups simplifies conference calls, turning what was once a cumbersome process into a seamless experience. Below, we delve into how this feature is changing the way we conduct group calls.

Step-by-Step Group Creation:

MultiCall demystifies the process of setting up a group call with its intuitive interface. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Open the app and select the option to create a new group call.
  2. Assign a relevant name to the group for easy identification, especially useful if you plan to have multiple groups.
  3. Add participants from your contact list or enter the phone numbers manually. There’s no need to remember or input these details the next time you want to call this group.
  4. With the group set up, you can initiate a call with a simple tap, saving you the effort of selecting individual participants each time.

Seamless Management of Group Calls:

Management of these groups is just as effortless. Users can:

  1. Easily modify group members, adding or removing participants as needed without disrupting the group’s functionality.
  2. Schedule calls with a specific group, enhancing organization and ensuring participants are available.
  3. Set reminders or notifications linked to particular groups, ensuring you never miss planned calls.
  4. Quickly disband groups when they’re no longer needed, keeping your interface clutter-free.

Time-Saving Benefits:

The ability to create and save groups on MultiCall is a testament to the platform’s commitment to user convenience. Particularly for business professionals, this feature means quicker setup, immediate identification of discussion panels, and no wasted time — aspects that can significantly enhance productivity during workdays packed with back-to-back calls.

Personalized Communication:

Beyond the professional sphere, this feature is a boon for personal use. Users can create separate groups for friends, family, and social circles, ensuring that keeping in touch doesn’t feel like a chore. The saved groups feature is particularly useful for planning events, regular catch-ups, or discussing shared interests.

In conclusion, MultiCall’s dedicated group feature isn’t just a technical enhancement; it’s a practical solution to the communication challenges we face in our fast-paced lives. By allowing users to create and save groups, MultiCall puts a premium on time, organization, and ease of connection, whether it’s for business or pleasure. With MultiCall, group calls are no longer a logistical hurdle but a doorway to efficient, hassle-free communication.


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