MultiCall – The Next Gen Conferencing App

Four calls of two people each are not the same as one call of four people.

A call that facilitates a conversation between multiple people is now made easy with the all new MultiCall – the next gen conferencing app.

Calling many is indeed a vital need for working professionals, especially for managers and team leaders. Be it to allocate works to the team in the morning, discuss bugs raised, give updates about projects, brainstorm ideas or simply to motivate the team, conference calling or group calling becomes very important in a work environment.

Today, there are a few ways to get many in a call, but they come with their own limitations. For example, business conferencing requires memorizing PINs and chain calling would mean participants need to be placed on hold. There is also a loss of intelligibility here as the message is carried form one person to the other. None of these are instant calling options. Then there are some VoIP based group calling apps which are data dependent often causing people to complain about the clarity of sound and interruption of call flow.

This is where, MultiCall becomes the first-of-its-kind solution that offers an instant way to call many. With an indigenous technology, MultiCall is where the quality of a PSTN voice call meets the ease of an instant APP to deliver the benefit of reaching many.

It is the ultimate conferencing app that makes calling many faster and easier than ever. If you have a need for calling many, which you should, you need MultiCall. The following features tell you why.

One touch calling

There is no more need to wait on call. People can just be connected in one go at the touch of a button. MultiCall comes with an easy one touch dialing feature, where one needs to simply select the contacts and press ‘call now’ to place an instant call to multiple participants. Calling many is as easy as calling one. Now, make your conference call from anywhere on the go.

Instant connectivity – Minimum data dependency

With MultiCall, you need data only to initiate the call. The participants of the call don’t even necessarily need to have the app installed. You can call anyone using any phone. A phone that’s not even a smart phone. MultiCall gives you instant connectivity as everyone receives your call at the same time, in one go. You receive the call first and the other calls ring once you answer yours. All participants including you receive the call from the same landline number.

No PIN/Password

Unlike business conferencing, MultiCall does not require you to enter PINs/passwords to start or take part in a conference call. It presents the easiest way to reach many.

You are now free from memorizing numbers and can simply connect with multiple people instantly. This is the simplest conferencing app available in the market as it makes calling many easy like no other. Just click. Just talk.

Superior sound quality

It is a well-known fact that people often complain about the quality of sound in a call made using VoIP based apps. There is often interruption caused in conversation due to the slow interned speeds. Data calls are not the best option if you want to have a conversation involving many people.

But MultiCall uses a unique technology that needs data only for call initiation and allows people without the app also to be part of the call. This combination of PSTN voice call with data enables you to experience a crystal-clear sound quality on call.


Calling many is made easy with MultiCall since here, you just need to select people from your contact list and simply press ‘call now’ to place a call. It’s as simple. This is made even simpler with Groups. If there are a set of people you call frequently, add them to a list and create a group. So, the next time you want to call them, you don’t have to add them one by one individually. Instead you can simply choose the group and click ‘call now’ to initiate a group call.


Open the app, select the group from ‘favourites’ to place a call to your favourite group. This is all needs to be done to begin your conference once you have people as your favourites. You can add groups to favourite list, to enable quick dialing. This saves time and makes calling your regulars much easier and more convenient.

MultiCall for Business

MultiCall is exclusively tailored as a powerful communication tool for business purposes through MultiCall for Business.

If you are part of an organization and believe that a feature-rich conference app will benefit the operations of your organization, this is the product for you. MultiCall for Business. It’s a must-have for every business as effective communication between teams is a crucial need for efficiency and productivity in business.

Using MultiCall for Business is an easy process just like the app itself.

The first step is to sign up and create an account for the company. The one who creates the account is the admin of the account.

The next step is to select a tariff plan and pay. There are different plans available with varying cost per call.

Then, you add users who will be prompted by email to download the app.

The last step before your users can start calling is to allocate money to each user.

Control over expenses

MultiCall for Business presents a flexible prepaid recharge system that gives you the option to allocate and manage funds to the users as and how you intend.

There are three different tariff plans namely silver, gold and platinum each with its own rate/min, that you can choose from.

Easy to reconnect on disconnect

Have uninterrupted team conversations without worrying about dropped calls as you can reconnect easily by dialing the same number. Ensures smooth flow of your conference. Easy to connect. Easier to reconnect.

Your call on international calls

You can control international call usage by restricting it to those users you want to give the access to. Under ‘manage users’ in the web console, you can add users and choose whether or not to give them access to international calling.

MultiCall Roam

When you travel abroad, use MultiCall app to connect with people back home at charges of a local call. Use the ‘call me on’ option of MultiCall and a local sim to cut down on international roaming charges so you can conference on the go while you are travelling abroad without any worries. Roam international. Call local.

MultiCall is a first-of-its-kind smart solution for calling many and you can start experiencing the product with a free 4 party calling benefit by downloading it here for android and here for iOS.

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