MultiCall for Individuals – The Best One for You?

Buying a prepaid pack means you can MultiCall with a pack that comes at fixed rates and validity. Multiple prepaid pack offers (like those in the table below) also means you can try various packs to find which best suits your needs. If exhausted before expiry, the pack just needs to be recharged, with no additional cost incurred.

Here’s the good news; you can call up to 3 people for free. It gets better though. For more than 3 people, we offer competitive pricing plans that are yours to choose from!

Not sure how much to spend to start with? No problem! Try out the MC 299 plan. At Rs.299, you have a month of MultiCalling at your disposal, to call up to 8 people for a total of 800 minutes.

That’s not long enough? Still no problem! The MC 799 plan at Rs. 799 lets you call as many in a month for up to 3000 minutes. Yes, a full 50 hours!

 Want to go for as long as you decide with longer validity? We have that tailored for you too! The Basic plan, payable in Multiples of 100 will let you allot how much time you’d like to MultiCall.

  Happy MultiCalling!

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