How to Use Phone Number Masking/Call Masking to Protect Your Identity

On many instances, we wish to call people without revealing our mobile numbers. Phone Number Masking or Call Masking helps you do just that so you can safeguard your identity and prevent misuse of caller information. This feature is quite helpful in the business scenario as sometimes, it is essential to contact customers or prospects with the caller ID undisclosed. It is useful even while calling friends and family when you want to surprise them or play a prank with them.

In this blog, we shall look at some of the advantages of call masking and a reliable way to do it (MultiCall), that can be used to call multiple people while masking the mobile number of the one who initiates the call. All it needs is for you to simply download the MultiCall app.

What are the advantages of phone number masking/call masking?


Protect your privacy

Sometimes, while returning calls from strangers or having to call them yourself, you want to take all measures to protect privacy. There have been cases of data breaches over the years, and one would want to prevent it when there is a suspicion of its possibility.

Increase call responsiveness

People who care about their privacy usually do not answer incoming call with a suspicious caller ID or unfamiliar prefixes. Call masking lets you display your number with a recognizable area code. In the case of MultiCall, the area code displayed will be ‘044’. This will increase the likelihood of the call being answered.

Helps in sales pursuit

If you have the need to make repeat cold calls to meet your sales targets, you will want to overcome the obstacle of your prospect customer ignoring your call seeing your mobile number. Call masking helps you here, as the prospect you are after will no longer be able to see your mobile number so that one extra attempt to sell is not missed and you get a greater chance to sell your service/product.

Call masking through MultiCall

This feature of call masking can be availed through MultiCall. MultiCall is one-to-many calling delivered through an app. When you download the MultiCall app, you can initiate a group call by pressing ‘Call Now’. You will then select from the contact list, those you want to call. You will then get a call from a landline number starting with the area code ‘044’ first. Once you answer the call, the participants you select will receive a call from the same landline number. On answering, they can join the group call. Thus, you can avail call masking through MultiCall where all participants will get a call from a landline number and your mobile number undisclosed.

Other features of MultiCall

MultiCall comes with plenty other features that makes the calling experience better than any other apps that offer group calling. Firstly, MultiCall is not data dependent. You need internet only to initiate the call. The call is a PSTN call, that is, a regular voice call. This gives an unmatchable superior sound quality with MultiCall. Also, you can monitor your calls effectively and mute/unmute participants during the call. MultiCall also gives you the option to record calls. Another useful feature with MultiCall is call scheduling that allows you to schedule your calls as you wish. So, in addition to getting the ability for call masking/number masking, with MultiCall, you get a feature-rich app that lets you call many simultaneously.

MultiCall is available on Android and iOS. You may download it from Google Play and App Store from the links given below.

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