Effective Internal Communication in 4 Steps

The ripples of the second COVID-19 wave is being felt across India at present. With lockdowns and movement restrictions imposed on businesses, employees are spending significantly longer periods working from home, bringing with it a cascade of issues. This in turn means the best possible degree of internal communication will be required. Luckily, this can be accomplished in four steps.

Step 1: Know your values.

As a company begins to build its own brand, it takes time to set and define its core values. Why they do this, you ask? Quite simply, values drive purpose. And purpose drives decisions. Being your own manager comes down to asking yourself the following question:

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Core values are critical to influencing the decision you make. Let’s say you got two equally good opportunities for your business, and you have to choose one. What finally helps you weigh one over the other?

Values are what help you prioritize, and ensure staying true to who you are. If you don’t know what your values are, you’ll struggle with making business decisions.

Step 2: Define your goals.

In the same manner as of defining values, you need to define your goals as well. What are you hoping to accomplish? This is also critical to helping you make decisions and to ensure you feel fulfilled in your career. The destination you have in mind decides the journey you will make, and the steps you take as well.

Step 3: Have a good communication tool.

The ability to communicate depends heavily upon people’s interpersonal skills. After all, it is a tool people use to interact and communicate with other individuals in an organizational environment.

But in the present situation, communication in the work environment often needs the efficiency to speak to multiple individuals, along with the effectiveness of getting the same message across to everyone. This is where a tool like MultiCall comes in as useful, and as a must-have in the manager’s toolkit.

Not only does it let you call your many people in one go, there is no hassle typical of conferencing either. Free of PINs and moderators, it is an instant solution for calling many.

In addition, the participants of the call do not need to relate to data or even have the app installed. MultiCall requires data only to initiate the call. The tool lets you be your own manager as well with an assortment of features at your fingertips, such as Groups, Favourites, and Call Monitoring.

Step 4: Check in with yourself.

It’s standard business practice for managers to carry out periodic review calls with their team, as this allows the opportunity to review goals, the progress of deliverables  and address any queries or issues that the members may be facing.

This is definitely important. But unfortunately there’s one person everyone forgets to check in with. Themselves. Checking in with your own goals, be it personal, professional, or otherwise is a crucial step to being you own manager. This can be on a timeframe of your liking; weekly, monthly, and so on.

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