Disengaged Employees And How To Coach Them

Per a global survey by ADP Research Institute, engagement at work ranks highest among employees in India than in other countries. The survey additionally revealed that between 2015 and 2018, India had shown a five per cent increase  in the number of employees who were fully engaged. For the record, that’s the highest shown in the world!

Yet despite this, most Indian workers actually remain far from fully engaged. In fact, only 22 per cent of the workers surveyed seemed to be fully engaged!


What causes a disengaged employee?

As the old phrase goes: “When in doubt, go to the source.” The first step to recognizing that there’s a problem would not to look at what can cause it.

The lack of engagement at work can be caused usually by 3 major parts:

Poor Leadership:

Relationships with managers and leaders can make or mar employee engagement. Employee engagement is directly proportional to their trust in their leaders. Distrust is corrosive, and often the major cause towards disengagement.


How do you coach a disengaged employee?

It’s rather easy for an employee to be disengaged. That said, it’s just as easy to make sure they stay engaged. In fact, it’s just 5 steps!

Set clear and achievable goals

Having no goals or expectations, in effect no aim, can easily destroy a team’s motivation and their  engagement to a company. It’d in effect show no accountability not just as an effective manager, but also in the team’s talent as well. The shift to remote work means that you have the leeway to reset your team’s expectations.

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