Breaking Down Workplace Silos in 3 Strategies

At the present stage of working from home, you’d have likely heard the phrase “working in silos.” This analogy is a portrayal of exactly what occurs within many organizations. With the growth and development of each department, they become more prone to operate independently. As growth continues further, so does the isolation of all departments. In the process this blocks the information flow across and between them. This therefore begs the question: 

How do you start breaking down silos in the workplace?

Driving the remote and digitized workforce by opening lines of communication, and encouraging collaboration across the entire company is the answer. For breaking down silos in this manner, here are 3 strategies.

Incentivize Collaboration

When a group of people collaborate, they bring together their knowledge, skills, and expertise. In this manner, they can talk any problems out, and identify or evaluate potential solutions, so that stalled work can move forward once again.

The very operational efficiency of a business, the start of any relationship, the ability to lead and the building of trust, all are dependent on effective collaboration. At the same time, it’s also quintessential in team building, and in acquiring each team member’s optimal value.

Collaboration is key in that it:

Assists in Problem Solving

Brings Company and Employees closer

Helps people learn from each other

Opens up new communication channels

This can only be done by ensuring synergy in one another’s roles, and minimizing conflicts with the right communication tool.  One such tool to help you with this case is MultiCall, a group calling app dedicated to let you call many with the ease of calling one.

Create A Unified Vision

A consequence of siloed team management is that fixation on departmental work sometimes becomes so much that the very problem the business strives to solve is forgotten. Without everyone in your company moving in the same direction, you can’t progress forward.

As more silos form, and communication becomes more and more restricted, employees often lose sight of the big picture. MultiCall’s Call Monitoring is of help here, not only in being able to monitor who is involved, but also to record and keep track of all discussed aspects.

Maintain Information in Real-time

In your personal life, when you look for information to resolve a problem, you never stop at just once single source for it, do you? Looking for a good get-away? You might turn to friends. Looking for a great home recipe? You might turn to family.

You might also look up both scenarios on the internet, both for info on how to prepare, and how to do it. Bottom line, the information you need in order to solve every-day problems is always right at the tips of your fingers.

Why should accessing company information be any different?

There are many benefits that surface as a result of orienting your workforce around a knowledge sharing strategy, and breaking down silos in the workplace. It allows your company to save valuable time and money, by streamlining and optimizing all existing procedures and operations.

It also unifies the brand and vision, and encourage a culture of collaboration as your company continues to grow.  Along the lines of the above mentioned strategies, here are a few more links to better understand how to break down silos:

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If It Will Take Less Than 15 Minutes, Do It Immediately

Not everyone’s created equal. That said, no tasks are equal either. Some deliverables may require a whole week to complete, others can be done in just a minute. If there’s a deliverable that comes your way and you know it can be done within 15 minutes, finish it off right away!

Many a drop of water makes an ocean, and many of these little tasks can build up and clutter, so clearing them off your list as soon as they come will clear space in your mind to focus on larger tasks at hand.

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