5 Group Call Products That Don’t Need Internet Connection

The evolution of telecommunication and conferencing alike has let us witness mankind always seeking to find more ways to connect and collaborate. Fast forward to today’s age of Internet and technology; we have a multitude of VoIP-based calling solutions in our smartphones.

Much as they allow us an immersive experience as we make group calls, they are, at the end of the day, subject to the quality of the Internet they’re connected to. But the good news is, there are apps offering local and international calls capabilities even without Wi-Fi.



An instant solution for calling many, MultiCall lets you call your entire team in one go, with data only needed to initiate the call. You also can call many without the hassle of entering PINs or having to await a moderator. The participants of the call do not need to have the app installed!

It maintains the benefit of portability, in that the app only requires your smartphone to be run. You can additionally use the Call-Me-On feature to connect onto another phone, say, a landline.

It also sports multiple features, including:

  • Call Scheduling: You can enjoy the benefits of business conferencing in scheduling calls ahead and get notifications sent to all participants.

  • Call Monitoring: This feature lets you take complete control of the call, with abilities such as muting/unmuting participants. This is useful in being able to ensure smooth communication while avoiding disturbance due to noise or disruption.

  • Easy Dial Back: Even if you get disconnected, dialling the same number again is all that is needed to re-join the call.

The app lets you call up to 3 people for free and has affordable pricing for customers to take on up to 7 people in a call. MultiCall also has a business variant as well, with competitive pricing for calling up to 14 others.


Libon is a calling app that allows a free phone call without internet connection for up to 30 minutes every month with no internet connection. You can use these free minutes to any landline and mobile number, even without a SIM card. You can also increase your free minutes of call of up to 60 minutes per month by referring the app to your friends.


Based in Sweden, Rebtel is a mobile communication company with a feature called Rebel Calling. For only $1 per month, Rebtel allows users to have unlimited international calls, with no worry or dependence about unstable internet connection. Calls are connected to local phone lines, providing   calls with decent quality.


Nanu is a calling app that lets you have a 15-minute phone call per week for free, even with no internet connection. You can use the app to any mobile and landline. It also offers unlimited calls, but this function will require internet connection, and can only be done between customers having the app.


Not only does Diitalk allows users to call for free, but it also has them earn rewards for calling. The app lets you call directly to any number around the globe at reduced data usage. If internet is unstable or unavailable, the app offers 1 hour and 30 minutes call time off the net. 10 minutes of this call time can be used on a daily basis to make free calls without Internet.

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