5 Fun Ways To Show Employees You’re Thankful

It’s critical that managers need to commit to progressing in their work goals toward a plan, and that progress and performance must also be also apprised to everyone who is involved. But beyond that, recognizing employees for their hard work and being thankful is integral to employee morale as well. It’s already obvious that positive feedback boosts confidence. But when expressing thanks, it also shows people you value them. It helps ensure that they stay motivated, which makes it integral to team culture. Here’s the best part; it can be done in so many ways that are fun and memorable.

Hold an impromptu call

This isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill business meeting. This is an opportunity for bringing together the many members of your team in one go, and expressing your gratefulness for each and every one of them and their contributions to the outcomes your company has.


Of course, with companies not entirely back in full swing with full-time working, the need for a good communication tool to do such a call with is raised. MultiCall is that tool, with how it can bring people together, and give everyone the right and ability to contribute value to the conversation.

Take the team to lunch

Taking a few hours (or even only one hour) and treating employees to a fun lunch outside of office would be another way to express your thanks. Corporate events or the office canteen don’t count; going to a place (or ordering take-out from one) that you or your team normally don’t go would make the experience a special one!

Set up a “Wall of Fame”

There are two ways that you can do this. One of course would be to set up a physical board, with each employee’s picture on the wall and a brief description about what they are best at, and some of their biggest contributions to their company.

If they’re comfortable sharing, they can even talk about personal accomplishments as well! (Releasing a podcast, song etc.). The other way would be to circulate a newsletter periodically, showing each employee’s professional and/or personal achievements so the entire office can recognize their value.

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