5 Benefits of Call Recording

Over the years and years of its evolution, telephone conferencing (or teleconferencing in short) has become the most preferred  tool of collaboration utilized by businesses globally in order to communicate and coordinate their activities.

From a humble internal meeting, to extensive training sessions, voice calls have proven to be a cheap and effective alternate to face to face interaction. This has been catalysed with the elongated work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A call connecting a number of people to each other is carried out, usually facilitated by a tool that  answers many calls at once. The proceedings of said call can also be recorded if the tool provide this facility.

On that note, 5 benefits of call recording:


Enhance Employee performance

According to a model known as Dale’s Cone of Experience, people only remember ten percent of what they read, fifty percent of what they’ve seen and heard, and ninety percent of what they’ve done.

Providing employees with actual recordings of good and bad calling examples during training sessions will allow room to identify key factors that can make or mar a good group call. They can also simulate calls afterwards. In the process, recordings would help enhance employee performance, as they will be able to learn and provide high-quality customer service faster.

MultiCall’s call recording allows you to record group calls at your discretion. In this manner you can easily obtain any audio files if required for use in the future.

Retrace missed information and prevent misunderstandings

It’s another day at work. At a time like this, you are likely to face hundreds of phone calls on a  daily basis.  So it’s more than possible, that you or your employees don’t catch every single detail.  For companies that require their team members to manually take down information during the calls, there’s always the possibility that certain information will be forgotten or missed. This can be disastrous due to how it could lead to dissatisfied customers.


In the process, your business reputation could be harmed. Recorded group calls serve as a reference guide for anytime later in the event of any clarifications or details that might require attention. In this manner, all parties involved have minimized communication barriers, and possess a clear understanding of the situation being discussed.


Understand Preferences

Minutes of meetings held with the help of teleconferencing can be prepared with the help of the recording. Group call participants can use these recordings as their evidence for cases such as verbal agreements.

They also can use recordings to refer to instructions given. This is important, specially from the standpoint of positions such as creative professionals, who need to keep track of details or issues that might require extra attention. Missing out such details also can lead to losses of potential income. What if you had been receiving multiple calls for a product demand that wasn’t currently in your offering?

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