5 Benefits for which MultiCall is useful for HR Managers

Among the many aspects  that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic, Human Resource Managers find themselves at the helm of a unique balancing act. On one hand they have to manage remote teams of employees, and ensure the continuity of planning and recruitment of resources in the other.

When it comes to acquiring, training and developing Human Resources, a hiring protocol must predict the performance and capabilities of the candidate. Needless to say, this requires high degrees of communication, and thus requires an appropriate tool with features to help fulfil the needs as such.  MultiCall is one such tool.

With the ability to call many like calling one, it proves useful to HR Managers in the present position for the following ways:

Time Saving

In the middle of the pandemic, social distancing has been strongly advised. Incontext of the hiring process, this means that in-person interviews can be problematic. With its ability to call many as easily as calling one. MultiCall can help resolve this.

Rather than conduct and test the potential candidate by various people in separate interview rounds, a MultiCall can be executed to bring all panel members (from the HR Manager to the department manager) to test him/her.

This would allow for them to avoid additional time spent, both in the coordination and planning of later interview on the line with candidates that may not a good fit. And of course, in business, time saved is money saved.


MultiCall is a great tool for bringing teams together on the same page. In the matter of a single instant call, it can help increase productivity and the employee experience in the case of  having remote workers for your team. This also applies in situations such as when HR needs to coordinate with teams of employees spread out over several locations.

When it comes to offering remote employees better communication experience, having a dedicated tool with international calling capabilities that all employees can access is a great way to increase engagement. MultiCall’s infrastructure only requires a smartphone, and participants such as the candidates don’t need to have the app to receive calls from it.

While the participants are located in different time zones, a group call can be set and scheduled for any time of the day. As seen in practices of effective conferencing, preparations ahead of time allow for more convenience, both for and for all the participants involved. This is critical in the HR context not just for interviews, but aspects such as induction and training as well.

For regular calls, schedules can be modified or rotated to better adapt for people in different places. MultiCall’s Call Scheduling tool helps you with this. You can either manually dial and add contacts, or add them from groups and favourites that you have already set.

Reduced traveling and costs

Present cautions under CoViD-19 dissuade travel to only the bare minimum necessary in everyone’s health interest.

To the context of HR, substantial reduction of corporate travel expenses are involved, as they can interact with contacts in a group environment without having to leave the country. The time taken to travel, settle and deal with difficulties such as jetlag are also saved.

Costs for assisting employees are held off as well. Rather than invest a sizeable amount of already scarce resources into accommodation and amenities, HR can coordinate with employees remotely as well. One simply can pick up the phone, hold a group call, and instantly deal with core challenges and opportunities ahead. MultiCall can also be used to dial even a landline.

Call Recording and Follow-Ups

Taking notes is critical to effective group calling, but conducting interviews may not always allow this. Besides this, interviewing a multitude of candidates mean that a clear record of each one may be required to listen to and compare again. This is especially in cases like when a few individuals become suitable fits, but resources allow for only one to be selected. MultiCall lets you do this.

Calls can be documented for future reference or to share with people who couldn’t attend at the time. With MultiCall’s Call Monitoring feature, you can record your international conference call in just the click of a button. You can access the file via a shared link to the servers, or arrange to have the MP3 file format sent. This can be used to review the interview later, or better yet,  share it with the necessary members who were unable to attend  its scheduled time for any given reason.

Of all the departments in a conventional business, HR is the one that stands foremost in dealing with human interactions. To that extent, managers of this day and age would be well aware that people are complex. Because they aren’t alike, the ability to make simple, accurate, and sweeping generalizations is limited. It’s therefore important to know the people they connect to and the respective cultures (of work and of the country) that they’re dealing with. This is where the use of tools such as MultiCall, with all its benefits comes in.

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