10 Tips to an Effective MultiCall

Regular disturbance and background noise coming from one of the callers. Not knowing who’s in the call and who’s in charge. That one person who’s in the meeting but doesn’t have a clue on what it’s about. We’ve all been there.

While group calls or conferences such as via MultiCall reduce social pressures and conflict, group effectiveness is at risk of being reduced, in that it requires more time to complete tasks, and results in reduced member satisfaction. On that note, 10 tips for a better MultiCall experience:

Call in the right people

 A MultiCall brings people together and gives everyone the right and ability to contribute value to the conversation. The call is based, though, on individuals whose locations are remote from one another. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly who to call in and how many people to call in as well.


While MultiCall brings people together, it’s important that everyone collectively knows one another in the group when beginning the conference. So be sure to introduce who all are in the group, and what is their role towards this meeting.

Be Aware of Your Location

 Having the best of equipment for a call won’t mean anything without a proper location to do so. A secluded area would be far more effective in being able to hear everyone than in a loud area, wherewith many people one may be far more distracted.

Have a Leader

 As far as business conferences go, designating a leader will help in a MultiCall not only by reducing the length of calls but also by focusing the conversation solely to the main discussion points.

Let Everyone Contribute 

Having a leader would also mean knowing to let the other participants engage in dialogue as well. This helps make the most of the MultiCall, increasing effectiveness and shortening duration.

 Prepare: Be On-Time, Available and Organized 

As the old adage goes; ‘Fail to Prepare; Prepare to Fail’. A lack of preparation for a conference can more or less end it even before it begins. The step of preparation is crucial in a MultiCall to engage the participants, and to stay clear on the items of the call’s agenda.

Take Notes 

In certain cases a conference or group call may take longer than normal, and there’s no better way to maintain focus than by taking notes. Not only does it help retain important information, it’s also a reference guide for any future discussion. Be it a few bullet points or an entire paragraph, you can never go wrong keeping a pen and paper nearby during a MultiCall.

Know the Work Culture 

George Herbert Mead once said that ‘Society is Unity in Diversity’. Change is a motto for the society that we live in, and it is unpredictable. There aren’t that many “one size fits all” principles that explain how people can be managed. People are complex. Because people aren’t alike, the ability to make simple, accurate, and sweeping generalizations is limited. That does not mean, of course, that reasonably accurate explanations of human behaviour or valid predictions of it can’t be made. Therefore prior to the group call, it’s important to know the people we connect to and the respective cultures (of work and of the country) that we’re dealing with.

Be Transparent

 There was a time when transparency was an element only held by executives and leaders of a company. But the world we live in today has employees being more transparent than ever. This is to the point where it’s not just expected, but even demanded as well. To that extent, MultiCalls would be best effective with full transparency in all aspects.


Yes, as in literally. This is not just in reference to the risk of speaking or commenting out of turn, but also in relation to activities after the MultiCall as well. Do not immediately move to another call. Instead, follow up with activities such as sending an email to thank everyone for having participated, with a summary of what was discussed, and possibly setting another time for any later discussions.

The output of conference or group calls are only as effective as each individual’s input. And so, commit to a great call with the tips, and reach more now at MultiCall.

“Individual commitment to a group effort; is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

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