10 Communication Tools for Business

Moore’s law states that the speed and capability of computers grow exponentially, with the costs of the same halving. With Internet and mobile communications accordingly on the rise, businesses are able to implement effective strategies for more efficient internal communications. Having efficient internal communications means the need for an equally efficient communication solution. On that note, based on their purpose, performance, and price, here are 10 highly effective solutions you can choose to implement in your company.

MultiCall for Business

Expanding businesses would mean individuals further spreading out across different locations, and a need to carry out group calls and conferences without the hassles of conventional methods. Group calling is critical to the success of a business in how it not only would save time and money for individuals, but assisting business communications as well. Bearing this in mind , MultiCall is a calling app that allows group collaboration, be it your friends, family, or even your office team.

Enabling effective communication for business across industries is imperative. For that, the main edge that this next-gen conferencing app offers for businesses is the ability to make simultaneous group calls at just a click of a button, with superior sound quality, the ability to schedule calls ahead of time. All this is at minimal use of data since it does not require the participants to have the app. Available both on Google and Apple App Store  , the app operates on a freemium model.

In the context of business, aspects such as individually signing in, and the setting of moderator and security pin number that otherwise comprise the setup of a conference are eliminated with MultiCall. In just a four-step process, users can sign up with an account for their company, select a Tariff plan (whether it’s prepaid or post-paid) that suits them, and then add users to whom they can allocate money based on the requirements for the group calls.

Facebook Workplace

With the offers of live video and audio conferencing, file sharing, and a private and group messaging system,  Workplace by Facebook is another communication app that offers simplicity due to the framework’s similarity of the familiar social media platform. This is complemented by the ability to integrate with business tools such as Envoy, Jira, Zoom, and Salesforce. Operated on a freemium model, Workplace costs Rs.215/user/month.

 MS Teams

 Developed by Microsoft, MS Teams is a tool that offers communication services for businesses, with capabilities rivalling Slack and its alternatives. The main useful features are toward supporting the team with live communication complete with video conferencing, messaging, threads, file and screen sharing. With a freemium model costing Rs.360/user/month, a small aspect of improvement would be its default push notification system


 Essentially a  chat room designed for a company, the main objective of Slack  was with the intent to replace email as the method of communication and sharing, with its workspaces allowing for organizing communications by channels for group conferences. It also allows for private messages for sharing information and files. Priced at Rs. 191/user/month, Slack has limitations; most notably that it could be difficult to adopt by users who are non-technical and therefore new to the expansive interface and functionality.

Zoho Cliq

 At Rs.36 /user/month on a freemium basis, Zoho Cliq, like Slack, offers audio and video conferencing, that is complemented by a system able to manage contacts. Integration of the Google Calendar tool also permits the ability of Zoho to carry out scheduling as well. Zoho is also able to integrate with a variety of other mainstream apps that include but are not limited to Meetup, Twitter, and Dropbox.


 Zoom essentially offers a cloud-based solution for group calls, video conferencing, group messaging, and online meetings. Compatible with both PC and mobile devices, the solution is operated on a freemium model for which costs start at Rs.1071/host/month. Perhaps a limitation of Zoom is its dependency on a high-speed Internet for optimal use and display of a video call.


 Developed by Cisco, WebEx is a tool that provides its clients the ability to either host or to participate in video conferencing. Available on Desktop, web, and mobile apps, the tool is run on a freemium model that allows up to 40 minutes of conferencing for free, and then starting at Rs.2400/month for up to 8 people. 

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